CDBC wins grant to promote Colorado dry beans!

We were awarded $10,000 by the Colorado Department of Agriculture's specialty crop program. The grant was approved on July 15th. We will use the funds to create a new website, promote our web presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our primary goal this fall will be to drive restaurants, grocery stores and commercial accounts to purchase local Colorado beans from Barber's Foods, a Denver food distributor. Barber's is the only food distributor to carry Colorado beans. They are currently selling pinto beans from Jack's Bean Company in Holyoke and from Northern Feed and Bean in Lucerne. They are also selling Mayocoba beans from Northern Feed and Bean. Visit for more information.

We will also use some of the grant funds to help Barber's Foods establish their own private label beans. These beans will include the "Colorado Proud" designation. Greg Bloom, the owner of Barber's Foods, is currently working with Jacks Bean Company and Trinidad Benham in Sterling to determine which beans will be available in October for private labeling.

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