International recipe winners

  • 1st place Belen Garcia's Mexican-Cuban fusion of rice and beans

  • 2nd place Sydney Beaty's Lebanese mujadara

Light red kidney bean winners

  • 1st place Phillip Huc-Pham's Kidney bean chili

  • 2nd place Jesse Verrazco

  • 3rd place Nora Howell

Black bean winners

  • 1st place Lindsey Long's Kathleen's kicked-up Southwest bacon and black bean soup

  • 2nd place Phillip Huc-Phan's Black bean menudo fritter

  • 3rd place Kodi Clary's Chipotle black bean burger

Garbanzo bean winners

  • 1st place Kelly Domino's Roasted garbanzo beans and cauliflower salad

  • 2nd place Sydney Beaty's Crispy falafel on a chopped Greek salad

  • 3rd place Donna Quigley's Falafel

Black-eyed pea winners

  • 1st place Jesse Verrazco

  • 2nd place Nora Howell

  • 3rd place Mari Sosa's Habichuelas blancas