Colorado dry beans are famous for their bright, vibrant color and delicious flavor.
They are high in protein and fiber, low in fat, rich in antioxidants and iron.
Beans can help maintain a healthy gut.

Barber's Farms is now selling Colorado Proud beans.
Click here to buy three types of Barber's Farms beans for only $4.00
along with a free bag of rice and popcorn. Free shipping through October 31st.
The first annual Colorado Dry Bean Summit is being held on March 4, 2022
at Metropolitan State University of Denver's School of Hospitality in Denver. 
The focus of the summit is on nutrition, health and bean cuisine.


Chelsea Didinger, a CSU doctoral student focusing on outreach to address consumer barriers to bean consumption, is helping promote Colorado dry beans. She is also part of a CSU lab group that researches topics such as the impact of beans on gut health. 

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